The End is Nigh

The Mayan Calendar ends exactly one year from the date I am writing this blog – December 21st 2012.For many people this is the day the world will end. They believe it will be Armageddon in all its Technicolor awfulness. Earthquakes, volcanoes, the four horsemen of the apocalypse and even, according to some, aliens arriving in huge spaceships to draw an end to their huge experiment called humanity. I wonder if they would consider it a success?

For others the date marks a dramatic shift in the journey of mankind on planet Earth. A cost of Karma will need to be paid for the last 50 years of consumerism, capitalism, oppression and consumption. The Earth’s “vibration” will need to be raised through a mass cleansing involving floods and many other natural disasters until a point where we can begin to rebuild our societies on more wholesome values such as love, compassion, community etc. Many people predict it will be the real beginning of the end of banking systems and governments as we know them and that by 2032 we will be living in almost Utopian communities. All wearing uniformed cat suits of course. Who knows who has the right of it, only time will tell. Personally I quite fancy living in a Utopian society, although I think I would rather stick to jeans and a T-shirt than an all weather cat suit in futuristic metallic blue and so far the Mayans – who were once an incredibly sophisticated society before more Earthly pursuits such as human sacrifice distracted them from their higher purpose – have made a whole host of predictions about life over the last 2000 years and have been pretty much spot on, a lot more reliable than Nostradamus as far as I can see, so perhaps they will be right about 2012 as well?

Interestingly many other aboriginal people across the globe from the Inuits to the Maoris also have long held prophecies or beliefs that 2012 is a year of massive importance in terms of Earth history. It is certainly something to consider as we face another New Year. Always a time for reflection on what has passed and consideration of where you want to bein another 12 months, and a time for making New Year’s resolutions that we all know are going to fall by the wayside come January 15th, how different would our thinking be if we knew the end was truly nigh?What changes would we make to our lives if we knew there was possibly only another sweet 12 months of Earth to enjoy?Even if the four horsemen of the apocalypse decide it is too rainy to go out next December 21st and those who believe the end is nigh wake up on the morning of December 22nd slightly disappointed – as did thousands of God fearing monks in the year 999 who spent the night on their knees awaiting their God to sweep them up in a blaze of glory which simultaneously casting all sinners into hell only to face a cold January dawn with soggy habits and a rather empty feeling – it is still a question to consider. If the clock was really ticking what would we do with the next 12 months? Somehow I don’t think many peoples’ resolutions would be to go to the gym more often or to eat less chocolate. Whether it happens or not maybe we should all live like the end is nigh.

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