That time of Year Again

.I have just bought the Christmas edition of the Radio Times. I never buy it at any other time but for me it is as much a part of the festive season as a tree and my Santa slipers. I remember the excitement of spending an entire afternoon going through the listings with a black pen, circling everything I wanted to see.

Of course there would be arguments. By the time my brothers had also gone through pages with pens of their own there were sometimes three way clashes that even laying claim to the VCR wouldn’t solve.Not a problem these days with Sky Plus and Anytime.Gone too though are the days of the Christmas Day movie being an event of much exceitement.The whole family would settle down after dinner with a box of After Eights or a choice or two from your selection box to enjoy the first showing on TV of huge movie phenomenas like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or ET. Shame really. But I am pleased to say that having spent a happy hour circling programmes in the 2011 Radio Times – only slightly peeved to discover that unlike previous editions it doesn’t include listings for New Year – there is actually plenty on the box this year to get excited about.Being a sucker for a bit of Christmas shcmaltz I have circled Lapland with Sue Johnstone, the re-run of the Snowman and even Carols from Kings.My list also includes though Downtown Abbey, a three parter Great Expectations and a film version of Dorain Grey.Sad as I may be the idea of geting comfy and indulging in some Christmas telly is quite blissful, but for me there will be no TV on the big day itself and I have to say I am glad of that.My brother is hosting Christmas diner this year and I am hoping it will mean nice food, good wine and easy conversation liberally punctuated with laughter. We might even play Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary.

I don’t want TV to get in the way of that – plenty of time for that on Boxing Day when I plan to be curled up in my new pjs with a box of mint chocolates – are you listening Santa?I think one of the most depressing things I heard recently was the tale of the family who argued a couple of Christmasses ago because one faction wanted to watch TV all day and the other didn’t.To everyone’s surprise the TV-watchers agreed to come to Christmas dinner again last year despite knowing a day of games and idle chit chat was planned just as before.The google box fans duly arrived – carrying their own TV.They then proceeded to lock themsleves away in an upstairs room for the entire day with their precious telly, only venturing out for fresh drinks and nibbles.Oh dear, as much as I love my Radio Times it won’t be dominating my Christmas to that extent. Merry Christmas everyone.

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