Highland Fling

Never for a moment did I think spending an evening with friends at Mathew Bourne’s Highland Fling would provoke so much conversation. So much so thatany thought of an interval wine was abandoned in favour of discussion.Extraordinary.It wasn’t that we weren’t enjoying the show -in fact the dancingand the music[…]

The End is Nigh

The Mayan Calendar ends exactly one year from the date I am writing this blog – December 21st 2012.For many people this is the day the world will end. They believe it will be Armageddon in all its Technicolor awfulness. Earthquakes, volcanoes, the four horsemen of the apocalypse and even,[…]

And so it Begins…

‘and-so-it-begins..’, ‘My first Christmas card was lying on my doormat earlier today. It was from the church who send them out to the entire village every year in the hopes that some of those with Christmas trees in their front windows and piles of presents hidden under the bed decide[…]

Moving on Up

‘moving-on-up…’, ‘A friend of mine asked me to read the manuscript for her new self-help book called Moving on UP. It is always a tricky proposition as you are obliged to be honest while friends always say they welcome constructive criticism the reality is that that’s not always the case.[…]

Lest We Forget

‘lest-we-forget’, ‘I wrote a piece for the Mail on Sunday to mark Remembrance Day for which I interviewed the last surviving Royal Navy officer to see the Bismark sink. He is 94 and while still smart, witty and intelligent, he is now sadly housebound. Even more sadly he told me[…]

Bus Bother

‘bus-bother’, ‘I live in a conservation village, I can”t drive and there isn”t a train station. I am completely at the mercy of First Bus Glasgow. If I ever lose the plot and start hanging about shopping centres asking people if they want to join me on my spaceship, it[…]

What’s in a name?

‘what’s-in-a-name’, ‘Names of characters in books are pretty important. Would James Bond be as potent if he was called James Longbottom? Would Harry Potter incite such worldwide empathy if he was called Boris? Romeo and Juliet would certainly never have become such a mammoth part of the public consciousness if[…]

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