Freelance Journalist and Writer, Samantha Booth

Welcome to my Website

Freelance journalism is a balance of high quality copy and fresh ideas with the right amount of discipline to stick to deadlines, briefs and word counts.

With 12 years experience in the industry, 10 as a features writer for the Daily Record and Sunday┬áMail and as the co-author of The Earth Handbook, that’s exactly what I provide.
No job is too big or too small, no challenge too daunting.

Variety has always been at the heart of my journalistic career during which I have worked the gamut of features from interviewing orphaned children on rubbish dumps of India to asking unsuspecting Glasgow shoppers to taste test Mecca Cola.

A career which in one day has veered between interviewing young virgins pledging to stick to their no sex before marriage vow to organising photo shoots, interviewing celebrities or meeting a family who has just lost a child.

With a flexible attitude and a chameleon-like ability to rise to any challenge I am interested in hearing from anyone looking for an efficient and precise writer who always delivers.

I am now working in conjunction with Beattie Communications to provide interactive, informal and insightful workshops to create a better understanding of public relations and journalism.

Perfect for companies looking to become smart users of the media to promote their brand and increase performance.

I am also now offering creative writing courses aimed at PR companies looking to help their staff understand the importance of writing press releases which will hook an editor”s attention.

For more information or get in touch please visit my contact page and complete the form. Regards Sam

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